What Have I Learned So Far?

There is no equality or equitability in Family Court. In some form or fashion, the man has taken advantage of the female. No matter your intellect, drive, success, hours, personality, or various resources, a man has only accomplished these things thru the sacrifice of the woman and not vice versa.

Although against the law, the court will do everything in its power to minimize the role of the man. It will also diminish resources to bring the woman above an equal ground.

If a Guardian ad Litem is involved, they are ill-prepared to handle any personality disorders. They are also stringently sexist.

The Family Court system is not trained to handle personality disorders.

There is no consideration for the children once the proceedings go before the Family Court system. They become the ultimate decider and strip all rights away from the children. It’s an abusive system.

Men generally are seen as a paycheck and not a parent. Even after resources are depleted, the man is responsible for any financial shortcomings. Even if it means he ends up impoverished and no longer sees his children.

Attempting to settle the dissolution between the two parties and drafting up terms is seen as an effort at control and potential abuse. Forget that using the Family Court system as a means of revenge is in parallel to what you’re being accused of.

Negotiating capabilities are completely removed. Feelings trump facts. The Family Court system is going to right a societal or perceived wrongdoing.

There is no such thing as an involved father. This is a mythical creature.

There were no good times in the marriage. Only bad times. For years or decades. And the woman was held hostage all while ignoring the thousands of resources available to protect her and the select few that exist for men.

Even if both parties agree the marriage is irretrievably broken and both petitions are in agreement, once Family Court is involved, months or years will pass. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent. Hours of your life and mental and emotional well-being will be lost.

Family Court doesn’t follow the law? Don’t think you’re getting a fair trial? Good luck unless you have more money and an excessive amount of time. This is why some men walk away and never see their kids, live on the street or commit suicide. But then again, they weren’t the victim.

Published by Jason B

I'm a dad going thru a contentious divorce. The family court system is one that is used by another for abuse of an individual.

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