Have You Lost Your Damn Mind?


Well, sort of. Here’s what is going on. The Family Court system is an abusive, multi-billion dollar a year behemoth. It’s constantly used to demote men the majority of the time. Some women who go thru this system do suffer its consequences however men are the usual victims.

Florida is a “no fault divorce” state. This means that if both parties agree the marriage is over, the proper forms are filed and the process starts. You would think the term “no fault” would help improve the process and make things much more streamlined. The marriage is agreed to be over by both thru the dissolution disclosures. Uncontested or contested, this was supposed to help settle fault and remote litigation. It rarely happens.

Such is what happened in my case. I filed after hearing that in 6 months of separation, the ex-wife was going to take advantage of the fact I was paying her bills to help her get established and then “take me down.” Within that time, I had given 3 offers to settle custody and finances. Not a single response to any of them. During that time, there was even a DUI and two vehicle wrecks by her.

In another post, I’ll delve further on the happenings of my case and the outcome of the ludicrous court trials and accusations.

For now, the court allows the system to abuse mostly men. Most divorces are initiated by women and then in response most men file uncontested. At that point, your rights are stripped. Any and all allegations can be made and due process goes out the window.

Money becomes the central issue. Once the financial affidavit is filed, it is game on. In Florida if you have a gross income over $50k, that means there’s blood to let. Any attorney you speak with has another financial form they ask you to fill out regarding income and assets.

If you’re going thru a divorce with someone who is an adult and rational, I congratulate you. But if that other person feels slighted or, in my case, has a Cluster B Personality Disorder (that’s another post later), hold on to your hat. You are in for a ride and the lawyers will be foaming at the mouth.

The courts willingly open their arms for these type of conflicts. Hours of attorneys fees, contracted specialists, hearings and trials. All part of an industry that has no accountability. And if you’re a man, just know that the thinking of this system is about 25 years behind. You’re now a paycheck and no longer a person. In this new era of #MeToo, the prevalence of Toxic Masculinity seems to take men and put them on a lower tier of society. And this system we’re going thru now welcomes that fact.

Constitutional rights and Due Process are gone. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Figments of history. That financial affidavit you filed? Guess what it’s doing? Being reviewed by everyone with a hand out ready to take a piece. During my research on these topics as I go thru this arduous process, once you’re up in the 6-figures, a judge will absolutely throw case law and statutes out the window. They’ll make a decision regardless of what is right ethically and morally and you have to hope you have the funds to move to a higher court.

Then the time sets in. This process rolls on for months or possibly years. And if it’s heard, get ready to spend more to recenter things but even that isn’t guaranteed.

I’m going to link case law and articles I found regarding finances, distribution and custody. My case is one in which everything that’s been decided before in previous cases has been decided but a politically appointed and uneducated judge is doing whatever she wants. She’ll be named and her connections listed. She’s had several cases over the past 2 years reassessed that would cause any civil rights attorneys to shiver.

It’s time to hold these people to account. The Family Court judges and attorneys are a tight-knit network. They know each other. There’s gatherings quite frequently where the bourgeoisie rub elbows while at the same time taking the common man (and occasionally woman) down. It’s a system where rights are ignored and unfounded accusations are taken at face value.

If I can help one man going thru this system and who is being abused, I will feel whole. There’s too many of us being pushed to the side, battered, beaten and having our kids taken away. Follow the money and you will see exactly where this all leads.

In closing, I leave you this. Let this be a call-to-arms. It’s time to start a revolution:

Published by Jason B

I'm a dad going thru a contentious divorce. The family court system is one that is used by another for abuse of an individual.

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