Focusing on Myself

I have so much to update on here. Over 800 days since filing for divorce and over 1000 since being separated. No end in sight.

I have been focusing on my. Mind and body. I advise others to do the same.

I am over $400,000 spent as a middle class man defending myself and my kids from a court system that has no basis of existing in a constitutional republic. The debt and experience is crushing but I am focusing on my health and time with my daughters. This form of abuse by an ex-wife and court system is validated in our society. It’s sick.

My fellow dads, focus on you. Be a good you. Be a better you. But keep fighting. Your kids will depend on it.

Your ex-wife or partner will admit they CANNOT care for your children without your money but then want more money or less time for you with the kids.

They will contradict themselves continuously and cannot remember their lies. Get transcripts and cover yourself.

I’m going to write more in the next week. I want to mentally help myself but also other fathers who are going thru this process.

Published by Jason B

I'm a dad going thru a contentious divorce. The family court system is one that is used by another for abuse of an individual.

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