The System is a Joke

My appeal to get the judge dismissed, a Writ of Prohibition, was sitting at a County Clerk’s office for 6.5 months. Not a week. Not a month. Over half a year.

This Writ was to try and get someone new and fair to hear my evidence. Yet the county and their insiders sat on this Writ for half a year. There’s suspicions that the judge had it blocked. My gut told me the same when the story was told to me that it sat there due to an undocumented procedure. In that time, I have spent over $165,000 in attorneys fees, support for someone who refuses to work.

I’ve exhausted all reason and logic to work with a person who is so vindictive that it’s sickening to know their perspective on life. Then you see how they act in front of others and espouse how “Christian” they are, it is excruciating and baffling. It’s a different type of mental illness.

This person has been “diagnosed” as having PTSD but refuses to take their medication. They’ve been physically and verbally abusive towards the kids. Arrested in front of the kids. Stolen things and been convicted. Yet because that person is the opposite sex and makes unsubstantiated accusations such as abuse, I get dealt a hand that would put anyone out.

I’m negative thousands every month and when I indicate this to my legal team, the response is to pay her stuff and let my stuff go behind because I have a court order. I don’t pay it, I get in to contempt and then I have to answer to the judge. This is the insanity of the system. A person who owns their own salon yet does not go to work is not obligated to work AT ALL. I am working overtime to cover the bills but then told to sell my stuff to pay her legal fees. The judge has even ordered that I cannot pay my legal fees and hers has to be taken care of first.

What am I supposed to do? Legally, the system wants you to take care of the opposing party and then drive you in to poverty. You have no rights. You are not a citizen. You are an entity and seen as money and not as a human with rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The system is the cruelest joke and the punchline is the man trying to defend himself.

Published by Jason B

I'm a dad going thru a contentious divorce. The family court system is one that is used by another for abuse of an individual.

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