Update On My Situation

500 days since filing for divorce.

700 days since my children were kidnapped under the guise of leaving for a hurricane. I’ve mentioned the story before but will get in to more detail on another blog post.

The court system is an abysmal failure. Documented abuse of the children goes unanswered, financial and emotional abuse of myself continues with no end in sight.

There’s days I have bouts of depression. Sometimes I have an uplifting day especially when I’m with my daughters but then the ex will interject and it’s a step back.

Therapy has worked for me and then I’m getting back in to my work to refocus and grow myself as an example to my daughters. They still don’t understand why they cannot see me more. It’s hard to bite my tongue.

I’ve reached out numerous times to my attorneys and my ex to resolve this but they ignore emails and meetings are pointless and my ex is dragging the situation out to ruin me.

Everything that was said in court that she would do is coming true. She has ZERO intention on working together. None. I ask for my personal belongings and the few items I get are damaged or dirty and the remaining ones being held for ransom. Asking for these things, the reply is to talk to her attorney. A glaring example of what her intent is and all the legal system does is lick it’s lips in grateful anticipation of the paychecks coming to them.

I make excellent money but I am now living paycheck to paycheck. 60% of the retirement money we earned is gone. I have a debt of 50% of my salary on credit cards and liens from attorneys for the other half. Resources have gotten so depleted and it’s been mentioned to her but she gives not a single care. And the court system is allowing it to continue. I cannot afford the 100% of every cost the system has laid on to me so I am now in contempt.

The only hope I have is that at some point I get to split custody with my daughters. It’s a sad state in America when a father gets equal time with the kids he helped raise is seen as a victory. My girls plead for it almost daily but it’s being ignored by their mother and the courts. There’s a motion for them to speak to the judge as to their desires and this uneducated and unskilled judge (who was appointed by an outgoing governor) has yet to rule. That’s been 200 days since it was filed.

If you have any income or assets, be prepared to lose it. All of it. You’ve got the wrong genitals. The opposite sex can go in, say anything and put on a “woe is me” story and that’s the end of you. Your evidence and her convictions are meaningless. The fact this other person who had children with you is being asked for a divorce is abusive and its time for you to pay. And then pay more for the screwed up child support guidelines. And then it’s time to make you a visitor to your kids who on a frequent basis pays the support money so the ex can pay her credit cards and go get her nails done and drink a chai tea latte from Starbucks because it’s a hard life.

500 days and 700 days. And the abuse rolls on.

Published by Jason B

I'm a dad going thru a contentious divorce. The family court system is one that is used by another for abuse of an individual.

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